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The agency shall operate a single universal Health Plan for all residents of Ebonyi State.The plan shall consist of a defined Benefit Package of healthcare services for Primary Care as well as an “affordable and cost-effective” package of healthcare services for Secondary Care.



This package allows you to buy health insurance package for 100 lives and above and then become an EBSHIA ambassador with full entitlement to the benefits thereof. Available categories include Personal, Pregnant (Sweet Health), Children Under 5, Adolescent and Geriatric (Aged).
Children Under 5This covers children from age 0 to 5 years.N12000Buy Now
Sweet Health (Pregnant)This is for expectant mothers and covers all expenses leading to child birth.N12000
Geriatric (Aged)This is insurance package for aged people and cover bills for secondary treatmentN12000
Good Health (Disabled)This is insurance pack for the disabled in the societyN12000
Kind Health (Indigent)This is an insurance cover for the indigent or less privileged.N12000